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[Free plan] How to build a flashlight + blink mode

With this blocks, you can turn your smartphone into a flashlight in few minutes.

As a small extra i added a blink mode too.


If the flash block from the camera component don't work on your device than download the flashlight extension from Taifun and replace the blocks from this example with those from the extension.


Download Flashlight (aia file)

Download Flashlight (apk file)

(For Appy Builder Users) 

[Silver plan] How to use the toggler component

Here I show you how to use a toggler.

In this example, an image is displayed with the toggler and then hidden again.


Download toggler (aia file)

Download toggler (apk file)

(For Appy Builder Users) 

[Gold plan] How to use the toggler component (new toggler design)

It's the same snippet like above but i take it to the gold plan because there has the toggler component a new look.


Download togglergold (aia file)

Download togglergold (apk file)

(For Appy Builder Users) 

[Silver plan] Show some battery informations

That's a nice component in the silver plan.

You don't need a extension to show some battery informations.

You can simply use the battery manager sensor for it.


Download Battery Manager (aia file)

Download Battery Manager (apk file)

(For Appy Builder Users) 

[Free plan] Build a simple compass

You can build with the orientation sensor a simple compass app with a few of blocks.


Download compass (aia file)

Download compass (apk file)

(For Appy Builder Users) 

[Silver plan] Use the chronometer as stopwatch

You can use the chronometer component as a simple stopwatch.

I personally would build my own stopwatch with a clock component and a text label.

Because the chronometer component is really very simple and you can not change much except standard items.


Below this snippet i created a simple stopwatch without the chronometer component.


Download Chronometer (aia file)

Download Chronometer (apk file)

(For Appy Builder Users) 

[Free plan] Build a simple stopwatch

With this simple stopwatch, you can easily stop the time.

I used as display hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths of a second.


The clock component has a timerinterval of 100 ms.


Download Stopwatch (aia file)

Download Stopwatch (apk file)

(For Appy Builder Users) 


[Silver plan] Floating button example

The floating button is a must have for any android app.

You can do a lot of things with it.

In this example i will show you how the floating button works.

The images in this example have a resolution of 140x140 pixels.


Download FloatingButtonExample (aia file)

Download FloatingButtonExample (apk file)

(For Appy Builder Users) 

[Silver plan] Wifi manager example

With the wifi manager component you will get all the important things

about your current internet connection and more.


Download WifiManagerExample (aia file)

Download WifiManagerExample (apk file)

(For Appy Builder Users) 

[Silver plan] Temperature example

Let's show your device temperature with the temperature sensor.


Download TemperatureExample (aia file)

Download TemperatureExample (apk file)



(For Appy Builder Users) 


Appy Builder plans

With Appy builder you have different plans to choose from.

The division is as follows:


- Free plan

- Silver plan

- Gold plan


The free plan is 100% free but has only standard components.

You must pay for the silver or gold plan to have more components.


The costs and features and all further information can be found here.


If you like the work done by the Appy Builder team, you can donate here for them.

Donate (It's the original donation link from Appy Builder and not mine)

Appy Builder android api levels

The free & silver plan uses the api level 2.3+

The new gold plan with the material design look uses the api level 4+


Which means that the apps that were built over the free or silver plan run at a mobile phone with at least android 2.3

For the gold plan created apps you need at least a mobile phone with android 4.