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Make a round image from a taken picture

This is my own solution to make a round image from a taken picture.


I have added in this example a checkbox called "FaceDetect".
If you have checked the box than the result image from your next taken picture zooms to your face.


Download Cloudinary (aia file)

Download Cloudinary (apk file)

(For Thunkable Users) 

Tap again to exit the app (Notifier alert notice)

If you have searched for a solution, so that the users must click 2 times on the "back pressed" button to close the app, you are right here.


You only need a notifier and a clock component.

Set the notifier time to "short" and the clock timer interval to 1500 ms.

Make a simple calculation

This was asked in the Thunkable forum.. and this is my solution.

It's very simple.

Every button has a global value. After you pressed the "sumbutton" you get the sum of all pressed button values.


Download simple calculation (aia file)

(For AppInventor & Thunkable Users) 

Start your app on screen 2


If you open your app now, the first screen is closed and at the same time the "screen2" is open.



Shake me (Accelerometer example)

Solution 1:

(one shake = play video, more than one shake = video is paused)

Download shake me (aia file)

Download shake me (apk file)


Solution 2:

(shake = play video, stop shaking = video is paused)

Simple menu (+swipe function)



If you want to edit the menu than set the "Menu" width in the designer view to 80%

If you want to edit your pages than set the "Menu" width in the designer view to 1%