FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why does my app crash when i try to start it?


possible causes:

  • your app icon has a too big resolution
  • too many pictures in the app/ or the pictures have a too big resolution
  • your apk size is over 10mb after building process
  • too many errors/ bugs in the blocks editor
  • too many screens 


Can i also integrate pictures from a website or server?


Yes, you don't have to store all the images in the app,

you can also save them online to a server,

or integrate them into your app from a web page.


But remember that you always need an internet connection to load all the pictures.


Can i send push notifications with my app?


No, you can't send push notifications. This feature is now not available in App Inventor or Thunkable.

Appy Builder has a new experimental feature where it's possible.

The reason why this is currently not possible is because app inventor or thunkable apps can't run in the background.


BUT, you can use a extension from Taifun to send a simple notification to your device.


What is the limit for the size of my app?


10 mb(megabyte) is the current limit for App Inventor / Thunkable apps.


Can i download files with the webviewer?


No, because the webview component is not a full browser.

But you can download files from the internet with my example snippet here.

Can I use GIF pictures as animation?


No, that's not possible but you can look here how you can create a animation.

I have created an example in "snippets".

Or you can use the webview component and set the url to the file.

The file must be stored on a server or web page.


How many screens can i build in my app?


You can make as many screens as you want.

If you want to make more than 10 screens comes only one indication that it's possible that your app will not work later.

The only limit there is the size of your app in mb (max.10 megabyte).


Can i make a swipe menu as it's in other android apps?


Yes, you can also make menus as it has almost any other android app.

Take a look to my examples here.

There are some examples with menus for download available.